4 Tips for Building Creative Confidence

As a creative it can either be a little discouraging or a breath of fresh air when you put your work out there for the world to see and critique. Having been in the creative industry for over a decade, I've definitely had my share of discouragements and accomplishments. These 4 tips isn't the end all but I hope it may help shape an idea of how you can build confidence in your work as an artist.

1. Creativity Requires the ability to Focus
This is an attribute of a creator that can be developed and also an attribute that can help strengthen your concentration skills. It's an ability that allows you to direct your attention and energy into that one photo, that one canvas, that one, image sequence, that one blank page, etc... Simply work at it day by day. When I get into a "zone" I tend to shut off my phone and put aside all of my social media and just get lost in the art. Don't wait for inspiration to come to you, just start moving and when inspiration hits you'll already be ready to pick up what it's putting down. Create something each day, regardless of how you feel. No matter how small or big your project is, just create! This discipline will keep your creativity limitless. Keep accountability by making it a point to post up something you've created as often as you can on any social media platforms of your choice. This is a great way to share your work with your followers!

2. Creativity Requires Faith
As a creative you have got to have faith in your vision, trust in your craft as an artist and you got to have faith that the creative process is working even when you can't see how! Trust the process.

3. Creativity Requires Courage and Passion
All professionals began as an amateur! As a creative you must develop some thick skin and withstand criticism. Don't get too offended because everyone has an opinion. Take what you learn and become a better artist than you were yesterday. Don't be afraid to fail. Just get back up and do what you love doing!

4. Creativity Requires you to Take Action
Thinking creative thoughts is different than being creative. Put those thoughts in to action whether that be a product, a performance, there has to be some work done. There should be some creation for there to be creativity. Sitting and dreaming is totally fine and I'm guilty of this myself, after-all that's where my ideas come from, but action is what it creates! Action, even without thinking is better than waiting to think of the right thing to do. Dreamers often refuse to begin the work until they have thought up what it is they are supposed to do. They "Think" too much without acting. Succeeding at building creative confidence is making phone calls, drawing, emailing, writing proposals, making work plans, drafting ideas, writing a note to or having a conversation with someone might spark creativity such as networking with like minded creatives. Thinking is fine, but just don't think, ACT! Get Started. Build momentum, even if it goes the wrong direction or even if you're confused about where it's going. Once you see what you have done or what you produced, only then can you change the direction you are going in! Even mistakes can lead you toward successes!

I hope these 4 tips for building creative confidence helped you as a creative crusher! Live with Passion!

In the comments below, let me know how you keep yourself creative!

-John Mediana