Creative Kune-Do

I love Bruce Lee movies. 
The reason is that 
1) I'm a guy and guys love "Action" movies 
2) Bruce Lee paved the way for a whole generation of creativity

Let me explain. Bruce Lee had a philosophy. He called it Jeet Kune Do. 
(Go look it up on Google)

"I have not invented a "new style," composite, modified or otherwise that is set within distinct form as apart from "this" method or "that" method. On the contrary, I hope to free my followers from clinging to styles, patterns, or molds. Remember that Jeet Kune-Do is merely a name used, a mirror in which to see "ourselves". . . Jeet Kune-Do is not an organized institution that one can be a member of. Either you understand or you don't, and that is that. There is no mystery about my style. My movements are simple, direct and non-classical. The extraordinary part of it lies in its simplicity. Every movement in Jeet Kune-Do is being so of itself. There is nothing artificial about it. I always believe that the easy way is the right way. Jeet Kune-Do is simply the direct expression of one's feelings with the minimum of movements and energy. The closer to the true way of Kung Fu, the less wastage of expression there is. Finally, a Jeet Kune-Do man who says Jeet Kune-Do is exclusively Jeet Kune Do is simply not with it. He is still hung up on his self-closing resistance, in this case anchored down to reactionary pattern, and naturally is still bound by another modified pattern and can move within its limits. He has not digested the simple fact that truth exists outside all molds; pattern and awareness is never exclusive. Again let me remind you Jeet Kune-Do is just a name used, a boat to get one across, and once across it is to be discarded and not to be carried on one's back."
— Bruce Lee

 Now if you just read that, you can see what can of worms Mr. Lee has opened for us creatives, coffee drinkers, indie listeners, film majors, art minors... you get it. Let us take this Jeet Kune-Do philosophy and apply it to our creative atmosphere. 

You are a creative being capable of__________...
Fill in the blank.

Creativity in itself shouldn't have a style to follow. It should simply just be a mirror in which we see "ourselves." Those who have ears let them hear this; Be free from clinging on to Styles, Patterns, and Molds. Now let's make this clear, I am all for those things but I am an advocate for the freedom from anchoring your energy & focus in latching on to the idea that creativity is constricted to one or a few forms of expression. Picasso once said "Good artists copy, but great artists steal." Now I had to think about this quote and what he meant.  He meant that every artist is influenced by what has been done before their time. To borrow means to take what has been done before, we are not the originators. To merely copy is to take an existing interpretation and not run away with it. To steal an idea is to take something of value and make it yours and take it to a whole other level.
Although as a creatives, we are in love with our inspirations and sometimes try to imitate things that inspire us, it'd be a tragedy not to run with it. When a thief steals something, that thief made a inward decision to take an object (or idea) and make it their own. (I do not endorse thievery btw, just for the sake of illustration)

Before there was Picasso there was Georges Braque. Braque originated the idea of Cubism but Picasso was the one who became famous for it's unique style.

Creative Kune-Do
You are a being designed to create. A being capable of expression in the form of whatever you put your time & hard work in to. Creativity is universal and can travel in many forms of expression. Experiment and find the forms that you are passionate about and begin to create from a place that mirrors what is inside of you. The easy way is the right way, so develop the things that come easiest to you. 

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